Leyla Bagheri, M.A. Psychology

Research & Evaluation Consulting

Leyla Bagheri offers psychology and research consulting services to academics, researchers, companies, organizations, and schools to assist in the understanding, evaluation and improvement of well-being and performance outcomes. Leyla has over 12 years of experience in psychology research and has extensive experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative studies in the lab and in real-world settings. She also offers expertise in statistical services to analyze, conclude, and implement data findings.

Leyla has attained her M.A in the Social and Personality Psychology program at Carleton University, where she also enrolled in advanced level statistics. Leyla’s research focuses on factors that contribute to mental well-being and enhanced performance. Her main research concentrates on the influence and of basic psychological needs and self-regulation in well-being outcomes. As a second line of research, she also evaluates optimal internal conditions that help to sustain motivation and result in subjective well-being and effective goal progress. This includes the mental, emotional, and social dynamics of self-regulatory mechanisms.

Leyla’s main objective is to conduct meaningful research to assist leaders, businesses, organizations, and schools to optimally and compassionately manage their human resources.

Leyla Bagheri Research
Research Consulting

Expertise & Services

Improving Well-Being Outcomes

Improving Mental Well-Being Outcomes

Improving Performance Outcomes

Improving Performance Outcomes

Improving Self Regulation

Improving Self-Regulation

Assessment of current problem areas and goals.

Understanding the research: Conducting scientific literature reviews and providing summary reports.

Recommending research design for evaluation and implementation (correlational, quasi-experimental, experimental, longitudinal studies, and survey data).

Performing Data Analysis: including, Descriptive Statistics, ANOVA, ANCOVA, Regression, Multiple Regression, Factor Analysis, Bayesian Statistics, Multilevel Linear Modeling, using SPSS or JASP.

Publication preparation, writing manuscripts, and preparing proposals.

Conducting Focus Groups.


Publications and Papers

Bagheri, L., & Milyavskaya, M. (2020). Novelty-variety as a candidate basic psychological need: New evidence across three studies.
Motivation and Emotion, 44(2), 32-53.

Bayrami, L., Bagheri, L., Bowman, A. Yaara Zisman-Ilani, Nace, t., Tran, Van Bich., (2023). The Impact of Self-regulation on mental health outcomes in parents of children and youth: A Systematic and Scoping Review. (in progress)

Bayrami, L., Bagheri, L. (2022). OTF study. The implications of virtual teaching and learning in Ontario (in progress).

Lane, S., Bagheri, L., (2021). Emotional Literacy and the Prevention of Family Violence: The Impact of the Roots of Empathy Recovery Program on Primary Grade Students in Alberta, Canada (2020-2021) (unpublished). Final Report for the Alberta Government.

Bayrami, L., Bagheri, L. (2018). Resilience, Well-being, and Happiness: The Impact of the Roots of Empathy Program on Students in Ontario (unpublished). Final Report for the Ontario Ministry of Education.


Talks and Conference Presentations

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to speak and present at events throughout North America and virtually. I love delivering engaging and impactful presentations that effectively inform and move people to improve their lives. I believe that our mind is the most valuable asset we have and it’s my passion to teach people how it works and how to use it more effectively to reach their goals.


Workshop: Increase Productivity and Energy, and Reduce Stress Everyday at Empower Women

Thornhill, ON, Canada


Woman As Career Coaches. Spotlight speaker at Halton Industry Education Council-Career Centre

Halton, ON, Canada

Workshop: Finding your Resilience and Cultivating Well-Being at WellYou

Virtual Event

Roots of Empathy Virtual Instructor Cafe

Virtual Event


Workshop: Self-love Workshop at Lululemon Toronto by Fitness by Jackflash

Toronto, ON, Canada

Panel Discussion: Inspiring Minds Canada

Toronto, ON, Canada

Finding your Resilience and cultivating well-being workshop for WellYou

Virtual Event


18th Annual Conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Lacking novel experiences: experimentally contrasting effects of novelty-variety and other basic psychological needs on Well-Being.

San Antonio, TX, United States

5th World Congress on Positive Psychology (WCPP)

Montreal, QC, Canada


Carleton University 1st Annual Psychology Graduate Student Conference

Psychological need satisfaction and the importance of variety/novelty.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

6th International Self Determination Theory Conference

Testing Novelty-Variety as a candidate psychological need.

Victoria, BC, Canada


17th Annual Conference of the Society for Social and Personality Psychology

Situational and interpersonal variation in psychological need satisfaction and its relation to well-being.

San Diego, CA, United States


14th Annual Conference of the Society for Social and Personality Psychology

Divergent effects of social identity threat on risk-taking behavior among men and women.

New Orleans, LA, United States

Lululemon Event with Leyla
Leyla Panel Discussion
Leyla Speaking Event
Leyla Speaking at Lululemon Event

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