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Welcome to my Well-being and Performance coaching programs! My programs are designed to help you optimize your mental health and performance, so that you can enjoy your life and achieve more of your personal and professional goals.

Through my one-on-one personalized programs, you’ll have the support and guidance you need to make lasting positive changes in your life.

Leyla Bagheri

3 Month Packages

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Customized 12 week one-on-one coaching program where we meet once a week for one hour to get you results.

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Clarity on what holds you back

Practical and evidence-based strategies to move forward

My expertise in the field of well-being and performance

Professional support and dedication for you to succeed

One-on-One Coaching Programs

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General Consultation

General Consultation

Discover more about my coaching programs to find the right fit.

30 min
Free Consultation

Exclusive Deep Dive for Your Goals

Exclusive Deep Dive for Your Goals

Set business and/or wellness goals, plan, strategize, & time management.

30 min
Free Consultation

Well-Being and Stress Management

Well-Being & Stress Management


Coaching Package: reduce stress, have ease of mind, & feel happier!

30 min
Free Consultation

Motivation and Performance

Motivation & Performance

Coaching package: reach your goals more effectively.

30 min
Free Consultation

Self Empowerment and Confidence

Self Empowerment & Confidence

Coaching Package: feel more clear, grounded, confident and in control.

30 min
Free Consultation

Support and Accountability

3 Month Support & Accountability

Strategic plan and check-ins to keep you on track with your goals.

30 min
Free Consultation

Client Testimonials

Before working with Leyla, I was unable to find that "work-life balance" and instead was all consumed with work. I had trouble turning my brain off at the end of the night, and found I was constantly thinking about work, unable to wind down. I was also constantly getting distracted and losing my focus, because my day was not properly scheduled.

I would 1000% recommend working with Leyla. If you are anything like me, unorganized, difficulty with time management and really focusing, then you NEED Leyla in your life. Since I began working with her, I feel a lot less stressed, and less rushed throughout the day. And I'm even sleeping better- who doesn't love a good night's sleep! Thank you Leyla for helping to guide me in the right direction, and really help me get it together!! Life changing!



It was such a pleasure working with Leyla and her Deep Dive Program. As part of my goals, she helped structure my business routine so that I can achieve optimal performance at crucial times of my day.

Leyla also taught me several meditative and psychological techniques that I now use daily which gives me an edge in my particular business. She's an excellent Performance Coach and highly recommended!


Business Owner

Prior to working with Leyla, I felt stuck in a job that I was extremely unhappy with and I was also exhausted all the time from the long hours that I worked. I was filled with anxiety and stress that I was not capable or competent enough for my job and I was completely burned out.

Working with Leyla was amazing! I didn’t know the impact that her coaching could have in all areas of my life. I was able to significantly reduce the amount of stress and anxiety I had at work while establishing healthy boundaries. I was able to step away mentally from work during evenings and weekends and actually enjoy my life.

I was also able to overcome my fears and take bold steps that aligned with my values. As a result of Leyla’s coaching, I feel extremely confident and I’m very clear on my value and worth. This new found confidence has produced amazing results for me in my life, the major one being that I got an incredible new job!

I definitely recommend working with Leyla! Her coaching is highly effective but also very manageable for someone who is a high achiever and works extra long hours. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and is very caring. I felt extremely comfortable during our coaching sessions and even had fun. She is there for you every step of the way and makes sure you know it. Do not hesitate on this one, and sign up for your coaching program with Leyla!!



Leyla basically saved my life...she got me to believe in myself. She gave me hope and got me to take action and be accountable to myself.

I would give Leyla the highest possible recommendation. She is so inspiring, motivational and knowledgeable!


Founder of Mental Health Charity

This has completely transformed my life and mode of thinking from being on the defensive to becoming carefree. I appreciate you listening and helping me overcome.

Working with Leyla was very pivotal as she was able to help me draw the line between facing my challenges head on and establishing new boundaries. She was great in getting me to break from my routine and that in turn increased my level of energy.


Business Owner

You are so sweet and inspiring! Thank you for all your support. You have been awesome!

I feel at peace, and accepting of everything in the moment. Thank you!


Business Owner

I was unemployed for a few years and now I have a great job on the go... 80 to 85K base plus commissions up to 400k. Super excited! Thx Leyla


Marketing & Sales

Before working with Leyla, I was in severe clinical depression for over a year. Leyla helped me get my life back.