Leyla Bagheri, M.A. Psychology

Clinic Referrals

Leyla Bagheri has over 14 years of experience in Psychology and over a decade in coaching clients. Leyla specializes in factors that promote well-being and overall functioning. She helps to remove the mental and emotional obstacles that hold you back to help develop a sense of well-being and fulfillment. You will gain clarity on what’s holding you back and build the knowledge and strategies you need to reach your wellness goals with less resistance. Leyla received her Bachelor of Psychology from York University and her Masters in Psychology from Carleton University. She is a member of the Canadian Psychological Association and has presented at numerous international psychology conferences. Her goal is to have you feel and function at your best.

Leyla Bagheri Clinic Referrals

This Includes:

Stress management.

Dealing with difficult emotions, ruminating thoughts and overthinking.

Increasing motivation and positive emotions.

Increasing confidence.

Overcoming limiting beliefs.

Overcoming bad habits and developing good habits.

Time management and organization.

Goal setting and progress.

Leyla takes a holistic approach to well-being, considering the psychological, emotional, social, and work-related factors that contribute to one’s wellness and success. She empowers her clients by providing knowledge and practical strategies to be well and in control. Her specialization will help guide and inspire you to feel better and overcome your biggest obstacles to reach your goals.

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